Harmony Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

When you are pregnant, your blood contains fragments of your baby's DNA.

Harmony Prenatal Test is a type of screening that analyses this DNA in a sample of your blood to assess the risk of Downs Syndrome (trisomy 21) and two other genetic conditions, Edwards Syndrome (trisomy 18)  and Patau Syndrome (trisomy 13).

The Harmony test was developed to be a more accurate prenatal screening test for women of any age or risk category. It requires a single blood draw, and can be done as early as 10 weeks gestation.

The test is available at PathWest Collection Centres​.

For further information about the testing, please contact PathWest or your Doctor.

Brochures regarding the Harmony Prenatal Test can be downloaded here

For doctors, if you would like additional information about this test please contact the Diagnostic Genomics Duty Scientist on 0424 136 317 or Dr Karen Carpenter on 6383 4228.