Information for Funeral Directors

For perinatal transfers

The following information is important in your role as a funeral director to assist families after the death of their baby.

Before the release of a baby

  • A transfer request form is required for the release of a baby (link to form?).
  • The mother's name must be recorded on the transfer form, as we identify the baby using the mother's hospital sticker and this is the only way we can ensure we are releasing the correct baby. The medical certificate of cause of still birth or neonatal death (BDM201) does not always have the baby's name recorded.
  • Funeral directors are expected to bring their own suitable transfer bag to transfer the baby out of Perinatal Pathology.
  • Please phone (08) 6458 2730 before you collect the baby to ensure the baby is ready (and on site) for collection.
  • If collecting more than one patient, you are required to transport each patient to your vehicle before receiving the next case.

Perinatal Pathology facilities

  • Babies may not be dressed or prepared in the Perinatal Pathology unit by funeral directors.
  • The facilities at PathWest and KEMH are not to be used for any viewings or chapel services arranged by funeral directors.
  • Upon request, Perinatal Pathology has small coffins available free of charge for babies less than 28 weeks gestation (please note that the lids of the coffins are not sealed).
Last Updated: 06/03/2024