Perinatal Pathology

PathWest’s perinatal pathology services supports families all over WA affected by the death of a child shortly after or before birth by giving them an opportunity to understand the reasons for their loss.

We offer a state-wide service that includes:

  • Non-coronial post mortem examinations of your baby
  • Viewings with parents and their families to spend time with their baby
  • Cremations for stillborn babies of less than 28 weeks gestation
  • Mementos in the form of photographs and hand & foot prints (if possible).

 Our team of healthcare professionals provides compassionate and dignified care to help families find the answers they need.


We are located at King Edward Memorial Hospital. The Perinatal Pathology Department is located at the end of Hensman Road in P (Pathology) Block.

Grief support services

Grief support agencies that provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week bereavement support to families who suffer the sudden unexpected loss of a pregnancy/ baby, regardless of cause include:

  • SANDS (Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Newborn Death Support)
  • Red Nose (formerly SIDS and Kids)
Last Updated: 06/03/2024