Pathology Billing Information

The following patient information relating to billing will assist you in understanding our billing policy and how it relates to you.
Medicare Rebates 
Medicare may provide you with a rebate towards the cost of your pathology bill.  As with any Medicare claim, once you have paid the account, send or take your receipt and invoice to Medicare to claim for a rebate. You should be aware that there are a number of tests and services provided by PathWest that are not covered by Medicare and as such will incur a charge.
Non Medicare Rebateable Tests
Most pathology tests qualify for a Medicare rebate, however some tests and services do not qualify for a rebate under any circumstances.
Urine Drug Screening: 
  • Patients requesting self testing
  • Employment / pre-employment testing
  • Testing for court purposes
  • GCMS confirmations of detected urine drug screens for drugs of abuse (even if the original drug screen was for the monitoring of patients participating in a drugs of abuse treatment program).
Circumstances where Medicare rebate never applies: 
  • Screening for employment purposes – including pre-employment and Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) testing
  • Screening of students for clinical access
  • Testing for court purposes
  • Workers compensation
  • Insurance medicals
  • Immigration/visa testing
  • Screening of sports people – including serology for boxing medicals
  • Surveillance of sports people and athletes for performance enhancement substances
  • Screening of IVF donors
  • Testing for elective cosmetic surgery
  • Detection of nicotine and metabolites in smoking withdrawal programs.
Non Medical Condition Related Billing
If your pathology tests relate to non Medical conditions, i.e. Workers Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accident, pre-employment, insurance medicals, merchant shipping medicals, Defence Force medicals and Visa Immigration medicals your account may be sent to you or to the relevant organisation.
Pensioner and Health Care Card Holders
If you are a Pensioner or a Current Health Care Card holder, then PathWest Laboratory Medicine WA will bulk bill all Medicare rebateable items, providing that the Medicare card number is correct and that you have signed the Medicare Assignment of benefits form or field on your request form.  If you are bulk billed, your account will be directly billed to Medicare and you will not be required to pay an account. In the event that you do receive an account, please contact PathWest Accounts Receivable and quote your Pension or Current Health Care Card number to settle your account.
Department of Veteran Affairs Card Holder 
If you are the holder of a Veteran Affairs Gold card your account will be directly billed to the Department of Veteran Affairs’ and you will not be required to pay an account.  In the event that you do receive an account, please contact PathWest Accounts Receivable and quote your Veteran Affairs’ Gold card number to settle your account.
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Page last updated: 30 Jun 2020