Food Laboratory

The PathWest Food Laboratory has over 30 years of experience in the field of food microbiology helping private companies and government agencies safeguard food products. 
Methods are chosen for their sensitivity, specificity, fast turn around time and cost effectiveness.
The laboratory is at the forefront of new developments and offers a variety of specialised and innovative molecular techniques such as PCR detection of pathogens including Salmonella, Listeria and shiga-like-toxin producing E.coli (including E.coli O157:H7). 
It offers a wide variety of microbiological assays for food and the food processing environment including:
Total Plate Counts
Total Coliforms
Escherichia coli (including SLT E.coli & E.coli O157:H7)
Bacillus cereus
Clostridium perfringens
Salmonella spp. (including full serotyping)
Listeria spp. (including speciation if required)
Campylobacter spp.
Vibrio spp.
Antibiotics in milk & milk products
PathWest has extensive expertise in food microbiology demonstrated by representation on various committees such as:
FT-035 - Standards Australia Food Microbiology
Western Australian Food Monitoring Programme
For information on how PathWest ca​n help monitor and protect your food products and food processing environment, please phone (08) 6457 1191 or email

Completed and authorised PathWest Request Forms for food samples must be submitted with each batch of samples. Request forms can be downloaded here:

Food Hygiene
Food Swabs
PathWest also offers a comprehensive clinical consultation service covering all aspects of microbiology. This can range from food poisoning outbreak investigations,microbiology use by date testing and advice related to occupational health and the management of infectious diseases.

Guidance for the collection of swabs from a food processing environment FHL Swab Sampling Instructions.pdf
Measurement uncertainty data on PathWest Food quantitative testFHL Food Sampling Instructions.pdf
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