Why Drug Testing is Needed

The estimated cost of illicit drug use is over $1.6 billion dollars per year, while alcohol abuse accounts for over $4 billion per year.
Employers have a general duty of care under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 to provide a safe working environment.  Employees also have a duty to take reasonable care of their own safety and not endanger the safety of others in the workplace.  Employees working under the influence of alcohol or other drugs may not be able to work safely and could cause harm to themselves or others.
Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace, as part of an Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy, can act as a deterrent and as a tool to educate employees about their health and safety responsibilities.
Testing is most often performed as part of pre-employment evaluation of new staff, as part of a normal occupational health and safety program in the workplace or due to an incident or altered behaviour.
Page last updated: 14 Aug 2020