Consumable Ordering

Ordering consumable products
PathWest provides consumable products, in line with Health Insurance Commission (HIC) regulations, for our requesting doctors at no extra charge.

Please complete the Consumables Order Form below and submit it by:

We will have the products delivered to your nominated address as soon as practicable.

If you are currently not a regular requesting doctor, please contact our Client Liaison team on either (08) 6457 2142 or​ and we will gladly get you started. 

Consumables Ordering - Clinic Supplies

Consumables Ordering - Dialysis Clinic

Optimised containers - some changes to collection tubes
Due to the roll out of the new PathWest Laboratory Information System (LIS), the number and type of collection containers has been optimised. Please see the optimised list here for changes that may impact your order.

For LIS status updates, please click here​.

Page last updated: 29 Oct 2020