PathWest Direct (PWD) Electronic Result Delivery


The PathWest Direct (PWD) electronic result delivery service provides PathWest customers with a convenient, free and efficient alternative to traditional hard copy and faxed reports. 


After remote installation, electronic pathology results are available within minutes of their completion in PathWest laboratories to your local computer.


PWD is available to both medical practices and commercial organisations

For more information on how PWD works and technical requirements, download the PathWest Direct User Guide.

Apply for PWD

If you’re interested in using PWD please complete the relevant application below and email to or fax on (08) 6457 7369.

PWD_Application_Medical_Form_Fill_.FV.25.11.pdfPWD application for medical clinics and practices

PWD_Application_Commercial_Form_Fill_FV.25.11.pdfPWD application for commercial clients

Please note: PWD requires a Microsoft Windows Operating System and an internet connection. PWD is NOT Macintosh compatible.​

Update an existing PWD account or request paperless reporting

If you’d like to add new or additional practitioners to an existing PWD account or request paperless reporting for your whole practice or organisation, download and complete the appropriate form above. Updates can be returned directly to the PathWest support team as detailed in the request forms.​

For technical assistance, get in touch with the PWD support team:

T: (08) 6457 2363

F: (08) 6457 1704


Page last updated: 16 Dec 2020