PathWestDirect Electronic Result Delivery

The PathWestDirect electronic result delivery service provides PathWest customers with a convenient alternative to traditional hardcopy and faxed reports. 
Results are available within minutes of their completion in PathWest laboratories and can be securely downloaded via the internet to any location where the PathWestDirect software is installed free of charge. 
Medical practice results are imported into compatible clinical patient management systems, reviewed and filed directly into patient's files.


Commercial sites and medical sites without compatible clinical software are able to view and print results using the PathWestDirect Report Viewer, which is supplied as an optional component of the PathWestDirect application.

Advantages of Electronic Delivery
  • Reduced results turnaround times by eliminating mail, fax or courier delivery.
  • Provides the ability to retrieve and print results at any time.
  • Can be interfaced with compatible practice software for results import.
  • Saves results so you can forward them later for consultations or referrals.
  • Administrative cost savings by reducing paper handling, labour and consumable supply costs.

PathWestDirect Features

  • Software downloadable from the PathWestDirect website in minutes with phone support (Requires internet connection and email account).
  • Each site uses a unique encryption key and connects to its own specific results account.
  • Automation through full scheduling is available for automatic download of results at regular intervals or user initiated manual download as required.
  • May be remotely installed by PathWest IT Staff (requires activation of freely available remote access software).
  • May require installation and configuration by your local IT Support Staff staff in certain IT settings (this option may take longer than the remote installation method)  
Requirements for PathWest Direct  
  • Microsoft Windows Operating Systems and an internet connection:
    Please Note: PathWest Direct is NOT Mac compatible, unless the Mac computer is running a virtual machine loaded with Windows
  • For any technical questions please contact PathWestDirect Support on​​ or (08) 64572363
New Client Requesting PathWestDirect Service
If you are interested in using PathWestDirect please complete the relevant questionnaire below and email it to or fax on (08) 6457 7369.
·          For medical clinics and practices please use the PWD Client Questionaire MEDICAL.pdfPWD Client Questionaire MEDICAL.pdf form
·          For commercial organisations or other testing please use the PWD Client Questionaire COMMERCIAL.pdfPWD Client Questionaire COMMERCIAL.pdf form
Request by a Clinic to add a New Doctor into an Existing PWD Account
To add new or additional doctors to your PWD account please complete the:
Request for Paperless Reporting (Cease Hardcopy Results) for Existing PathWestDirect Users

        ·         ​To stop receiving hardcopy paper reports for individual doctors, please download and complete the  
             Paperless Request Form.pdfPaperless Request Form.pdf and return it to or fax (08) 9381 1704

          ·        To stop receiving hardcopy paper reports for your entire practice, please download and complete the 
              fax (08) 9381 1704


Contact PathWestDirect Support

Tel: (08) 6457 2363
Fax: (08) 6457 1704



Page last updated: 29 Oct 2020