Information for GPs about the new LIS

New-look reports


In the first half of 2020, PathWest introduced a brand new Laboratory Information System (LIS) across Western Australia. The first pilots commenced in Bentley Hospital and Busselton Health Campus in late February 2020, with Statewide implementation expected by the end of 2020.


Reports from the new system will look slightly different. Some will contain more comprehensive information. Click here to see an example.


Specimens collected in the catchment areas for Busselton and Bentley will generate the new reports from late February 2020 with all sites to move to the new system in a staggered roll-out throughout 2020.


Once the system is implemented statewide, all PathWest reports will have the new look.



Key Points Summary

  • The new LIS produces hard copy A4 printed reports that look different from current reports.

  • Doctors will continue to receive printed reports from the new LIS electronically and/or in hard copy, according to their preferences.

  • Test results will continue to be sent electronically as they are verified.

  • Abnormal, urgent and critical test results will continue to be phoned or faxed to you.

  • Paper report print schedules remain unchanged, subject to Australia Post delivery days.

  • Depending on test validation you may receive separate reports for a single order.

  • Current report design aims to align with the requirements of NATA, TGA, RCPA and the Department of Health.

  • Some test names may change to align with RCPA-approved naming conventions.


Clinical Support

As always, the PathWest call room is available to provide patient results.

Please phone 13 7284 (13PATH) if you have questions about your patients results.


We appreciate your patience as we make this important improvement to your pathology services.