Adult Non-Coronial Autopsies

PathWest offers an Adult Non-Coronial Post Mortem service to the tertiary hospitals in the metropolitan area which is delivered form the state-of-the-art facility at the Fiona Stanley Hospital site.  The service is provided by a team of experts including clinical and non-clinical staff who ensure deceased are treated with respect and dignity.  The emphasis is on a timely service so as not to delay funeral arrangements so deceased can be laid to rest by loved ones.

Post-mortems can provide invaluable information into disease processes and establishing a cause of death. This can help provide closure to grieving families if there is uncertainty as to the cause of death.

There are different levels of autopsies performed depending on information that is required.  A full autopsy examination involves looking at all body cavities including the brain while a limited autopsy examination will only be looking at specific areas for example chest only or brain only.

A viewing service is also provided so loved ones can spend private time saying goodbye.  Our team work closely with hospital clinical teams to ensure legislative requirements are met with members of the funeral director industry and with the public trustee for progressing funerals for deceased with no identifiable next of kin.


Last Updated: 12/11/2021