CST - Cervical Screening Test

PathWest provides a Cervical Screening Service with HPV DNA testing and cytology testing in accordance with Guidelines. PathWest accepts liquid based samples (SurePath and ThinPrep) and self-collected vaginal swab samples. Cytology slide preparations made from liquid SurePath samples are examined by experienced scientists who utilise computer-assisted screening, offering ‘gold standard’ computerised analysis in line with world’s best practice. In addition, all cytology slide preparations (SurePath and ThinPrep) are  manually screened by two separate scientists and viewed by a specialist Pathologist prior to reporting.

Clinician collected liquid based samples with visualisation of the cervix are highly preferable.

For self-collected vaginal swab samples, please note the following:

  • Only HPV testing is performed. Cytology testing cannot be performed on swab samples
  • Self-collection is to be completed  in a health care setting
  • Available to participants at least 30 years of age and never screened or more than two years overdue for screening.  
  • Swab samples are forwarded to the Victorian Cytology Service for testing

​Cervical screening kits are available from PathWest. Instructions for the collection of liquid based and self-collect samples is available here.

Surepath collection instructions_PathWest.pdfSurepath collection instructions_PathWest.pdf

ThinPrep collection instructions_Hologic.pdfThinPrep collection instructions_Hologic.pdf

Self Collection - Instructions.pdfSelf Collection - Instructions.pdf​

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Page last updated: 30 Jun 2020