Harmony Prenatal NIPT Testing

The Harmony™ Prenatal Test is an early and accurate non-invasive test that assesses the risk for chromosome conditions such as Down syndrome and other trisomy conditions, and includes an optional analysis of fetal sex and sex chromosome (X, Y) conditions. 

The following information is provided to inform doctors and patients about the Harmony Prenatal Test.

Talk to your healthcare provider before you decide if the Harmony Prenatal Test is appropriate for you.  

Harmony™ is available for women who are at least 10 weeks pregnant and at high risk for fetal trisomies due to a number of factors, including maternal age.

Choosing Harmony™ can lessen the potential requirement for more invasive procedures, such as amniocentesis, to determine fetal trisomy risk.

The cost for the Harmony™ test is $425 (inc. GST), payable by Credit Card at sample collection. There is an additional charge of $70 for the optional 22q11.2 test. This cost is not rebatable by Medicare.

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Page last updated: 30 Jun 2020