Preparing For Your Test

To assist you with the collection of your sample, PathWest has a number of Patient Guides and information flyers awailable for download.

If your doctor has indicated for you to have one of the following tests done, please download and read the instructions adjacent.

A list of all the PathWest collection centre locations can be found here​.


Test​ ​Instructions
Cholesterol and/or Glucose Tests 

Patient Fasting Instructions.pdfPatient Fasting Instructions.pdf

Glucose Tolerance Test  


Glucose Tolerance Test Instructions.pdfGlucose Tolerance Test Instructions.pdf 

Please contact your local collect centre for an appointment.

Fasting Metabolic Bone Studies Test

Patient Fasting Metabolic Bone Studies Instructions.pdfPatient Fasting Metabolic Bone Studies Instructions.pdf

Helicobacter Breath Test    

Helicobacter Breath Test Instruction.pdfHelicobacter Breath Test Instruction.pdf

 Low Vaginal Swab Test  

How to Take Your Own Low Vaginal Swab for Group B Streptococcal Screening.pdfHow to Take Your Own Low Vaginal Swab for Group B Streptococcal Screening.pdf

Prolactin Test     

Please be aware that you need to rest for 30 minutes prior to sample collection.










Page last updated: 15 Sep 2017