Key Contacts

Fiona Stanley Hospital Network             ph (08) 6152 3753

Queen Elizabeth II Network          ph (08) 6383 4103

Duty Biochemist (Queen Elizabeth II Network)                                                             ph (08) 6383 4132




Heads of Department
Dr Melissa Gillett
Head of Department, FSH Network
Dr Ee Mun Lim
Head of Department, QEII Network
Principal Scientists
Dr Neil Kent         
QEII Network
Mr John Blennerhassett          
FSH Network (Acting)
Chemical Pathologists / Consultants
Dr Damon Bell                    
FSH Network
Dr John Burnett                   
FSH Network       
Dr Paul Glendenning         
FSH Network
Dr Jonathan Grasko           
QEII Network
Dr David Joyce
QEII Network
Dr Barry Lewis                    
QEII Network
Dr Rhonda Maguire                  
QEII Network
Dr Melissa Tanner     ​            
QEII Network
Dr Sam Vasikaran ​          
FSH Network

Clinical Scientists
Dr Paul Chubb
FSH Network
Dr Amanda Hooper
FSH Network


Page last updated: 14 Aug 2020