Microbial Surveillance

The Microbial Surveillance Unit is located at the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre site and offers public and environmental health microbiology services, and includes a National Influenza Centre and the Arbovirus Surveillance and Research Laboratory.

The services provided  include arbovirus detection in humans, animals and mosquitoes for the state-wide mosquito-borne disease surveillance program; bacterial and viral characterisation for foodborne, waterborne and gastrointestinal pathogens; and laboratory surveillance for influenza, other respiratory viruses, vaccine-preventable diseases and enteroviruses.

The Microbial Surveillance Unit  works closely with the WA Department of Health Communicable Diseases Control Directorate and the Mosquito Borne Diseases Control unit, as well as being actively engaged in translational research activities with partner academic institutions.

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Page last updated: 30 Jun 2020