Infection Immunology

The Infection Immunology stream within PathWest Immunology provides statewide services for HIV infection monitoring and drug resistance testing. This includes HIV RNA quantification or “viral load” testing as well as HIV gene sequencing to determine viral subtype, transmitted and drug induced resistance mutations. These tests service all private and public clinical and laboratory providers of HIV care in Western Australia, including to rural and remote areas.
Other immunological tests relevant to infectious diseases include the Quantiferon-TB test and the TB-T spot assay. The Immunology department offers statewide Quantiferon-TB testing for clinical, occupational and migration-related TB screening.  The TB–T spot is a second line specialist test and requires discussion with an Immunopathologist at FSH to request.          
Note that HIV viral load, HIV drug resistance genotyping, Quantiferon-TB and TB-T spot have special sample and sample processing requirements and specific clinical information for optimal reporting. Information on the full list of tests and sample requirements can be found in the PathWest Online Test Directory
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Page last updated: 30 Jun 2020