Microbial Contamination Testing Laboratory

The Microbial Contamination Testing Laboratory (MCTL) is located at Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre, Hospital Ave, Nedlands. The laboratory holds a TGA licence (MI-26102004-LI-000077-1) to perform Microbiological Contamination Testing, and also provides services that are NATA accredited.

Testinginvolves the detection and surveillance of low level microbial contamination in a range of samples related to the manufacture of biological therapeutic goods and in a range of samples related to clinical procedures.

Available tests:

  • Microbiological surveillance of fibre optic scopes to demonstrate effective cleaning and disinfection processes
  • Detection of micro-organisms in human tissue for donation (includes musculoskeletal tissue, specialised cells for tissue therapies and indirect testing of donated corneas).
  • Bioburden analysis of manufactured material as defined in agreement with a client
  • Spore strip testing to demonstrate effectiveness of sterilisation procedures
  • Environmental monitoring for clean areas by air sampling, contact plates and/or settle plates which have been collected by the client and submitted for testing.

Clients utilising the service benefit from:

  • An individually tailored service
  • A dedicated team of technicians and scientists
  • GMP compliance
  • Access to audit reports and procedures
  • Prompt testing and reporting of results.

Last Updated: 01/12/2021