Digital Pathology

The Discipline of Anatomical Pathology, PathWest provides Digital pathology services including whole slide imaging (WSI) and image analysis.

Glass slides are converted to digital WSI files upon request, to be used by pathologists when presenting histopathological findings at multidisciplinary clinical meetings, on site or across various web meeting platforms.  Digital WSI also expedites cross site, interstate and overseas consultation of difficult and interesting cases.

The digital image analysis service at PathWest was developed in-house, with some of the first trials and published scientific papers in Australia to support the technology.  Digital image analysis of Ki-67 is a key part in reporting of breast pathology and is performed routinely on all breast resection specimens to provide accurate prognostic quantification of the proliferation index.

Future expansion of the department to service the growing need and technological advances are in planning.


Last Updated: 01/12/2021