Medical Renal Pathology

Medical renal pathology cases, including renal transplant biopsies are complex and require expertise in tissue pathology and are reported by our experienced medical renal pathologists with many years of sub-speciality practice. The renal biopsies are evaluated and correlated with the clinical findings routinely by light microscopy, immunofluorescence microscopy, special histochemistry stains and electron microscopy. The native kidney and transplant biopsies are always discussed by an expert in renal pathology with the clinical consultant within 24-36 hours in urgent cases. These are followed up with a detailed written report, which correlates the diagnosis with prognostic features, and recommend further clinical investigations if needed; and an appropriate treatment program.

The Discipline of Anatomical Pathology PathWest provides this comprehensive service to the all five major teaching hospitals in Perth. Furthermore, service is provided to Midland-and St John of God Hospitals, with referrals from regional hospitals to these medical centres. All cases are discussed at the weekly at MDT Meetings. An annual medical renal pathology course for anatomical pathology trainees for the FRCPA is conducted.

The division continues to be involved in research and the introduction of new techniques for the better understanding and management of complex medical renal diseases.

Last Updated: 01/12/2021