Immunohistochemistry provides a specialist ancillary service aiding in the diagnosis of both histology and cytology specimens. Dedicated scientists are present on site with modernised automated facilities and the largest antibody register for diagnostic immunohistochemical testing in Western Australia.

All tests are carried out on the Automatic Immunostainers. The PathWest anatomical pathology immunohistochemistry laboratories use new generation immunohistochemistry Benchmark Ultra machines and are capable of staining up to 150 slides at any one time. Due to the fact that each antibody may have varying conditions, time etc. for optimum performance, the length of each run will vary, and where possible tests are batched into short and long runs to allow extra runs to be started if needed.

Some antibodies may not be compatible with the Ventana system. In these rare cases the tests can be carried out by dedicated, platform agnostic platforms or manually without the autostainers.


Last Updated: 01/12/2021